Internationally Inspired Market Fresh Cuisine



Soup du Jour


Each day, The Riviera, will have a fresh Soup for your enjoyment.

Occasionally, Two! Just ask.                          5.5


Riviera’s Tasting Plates                 Also known as… Antipasti, Appetizers, Hors-d’œuvre, Tapas, Xiăo Cài, and Закуска




Grav Lox *                                                      8.5


House cured fresh Salmon, thin sliced and served with chopped Onion, Capers and Crème Fraîche.


Curried Pasta with Shrimp and Crab             15.9


Curry Aioli tossed Bean Thread pasta nest filled with fresh Cucumber, Tomato and Mint topped with Baby Shrimp and Colossal Lump Crab Meat.


Hummus *                                                       6.5


Fresh prepared hummus accompanied by Eggplant Relish, Olive Tapenade and Pita Wedges.


Chèvre Porcini Stack *                                               8.4


Goat Cheese layered with Porcini Mushroom Relish. Served with Focaccia Crostini.


House Pâté *                                                   7.9


Chicken Liver, Wild Mushrooms and Shallot combined into a creamy smooth spread. Accompanied by French Bread slices.


Carpaccio of Beef *                                        13.6


Spicy Herb encrusted Beef Tenderloin seared black and blue. Presented thin sliced with crumbled Blue Cheese topped sliced Tomato with a Balsamic drizzle.





Crepes *


  •             Блины (Blini)                                     15.9

Crepes topped with a dollop each of Jumbo Red Salmon Caviar and Sour Cream.

  •             Chicken & Mushroom                         11.5

Sautéed cuts of dark chicken combined with our trio of Wild Mushrooms, Leeks and Thyme in Stock and Cream Sauce folded into Crepes.

  •             Spinach, Artichoke and Feta              9.9

Wilted Fresh Spinach and Shallot with Artichoke, Feta Cheese, White Wine and a stock reduction rolled inside Crepes.



Pelmeni           *                                                         9.5


Spiced Veal stuffed Russian style Tortellini tossed in butter and topped with Crème Fraiche.


Add Mushroom Sauce for just ……….….  3.9

Baked Chèvre *                                                          6.9


Goat cheese baked with Tomato, Basil and Stock. Served with fresh Bread.


Escargot en Croute*                                         8.5


Plump Garlic and Butter sautéed Escargot nested in a Puff Pastry shell with a Brie and Bleu Cheese Béchamel.


Swaddled Scallops                                         12.9


Sea Scallops, grilled wrapped in Applewood smoked Bacon on a Rosemary skewer and topped with Lemon Caper Buerre Blanc.


Shrimp El Greco                                                           8.9


Shrimp sautéed with Garlic, sun-dried Tomato, Kalamata Olives and Feta cheese. To make them saucy, finished with Key Lime and Demi-glace.


Marina’s Crab Cake * !!!                                            12.9


Lump Crab and sweated Shallot washed in Egg, then dusted with Panko Crumbs. Sautéed slow until Golden.


Pinchos                                                                        8.9


Spice rubbed Baby Back Ribs slow roasted and finished with a sweet and spicy BBQ glaze.




Bulgogi                                                           11.9


Rich Korean Style marinated Beef Tenderloin Tips skewered and grilled to                    your choice of temperature.


JeeZam Jerk Chicken                                  7.5


Jerk seasoning rubbed pieces of Chicken breast grilled on a Skewer.


Sesame Ginger Shrimp                                 10.9


Jumbo Shrimp rolled in Ginger infused Sesame Oil are grilled, complimented with                Hoisin Sauce and a spicy Asian Salad.


Cider Pork Tenderloin                                    8.9


Skewers of Cider Vinegar marinated Pork Tenderloin. Served atop sautéed   Onions.







Riviera (signature salad)                                        6.5


A mix of Greens with Pear, Goat Cheese, dried Cranberries,            and glazed Pecans with our house Berry Vinaigrette.


With Seared Duck Breast …… Add  15.9


Classic Caesar                                                       6.5


Cut Romaine lettuce with our house Caesar dressing.

Anchovies added… upon request.


With grilled Shrimp .…………. Add   6.5

With grilled Chicken Breast .… Add  4.9


Green Goddess Cobb                                          12.9


Mixed Greens Topped with chopped fresh Tomato, Avocado,

Egg and Bacon. Classic Green Goddess Dressing on the side.


Tropical Chicken Salad                                       13.9


A mix of fresh lettuces tossed in Berry Vinaigrette topped with our house roasted Chicken Salad, Mandarin Oranges, Seasonal Fruit and toasted Coconut.

With Seared Duck Breast instead …  Add 11.9


Bleu Steak                                                           15.5


Bibb lettuce, crumbled Bleu Cheese, roasted Grape (or Cherry) Tomatoes and Walnuts all tossed with our Balsamic Vinaigrette. Topped with sliced Ribeye Steak.







Stand Alone


Today’s Pasta*                                                      13.9


Enjoy traditional and Chef created pasta dishes, which will repeat themselves based on their popularity.                                                  Ask about the current incarnation.


Risotto                                                                  12.9


Arborio Rice infused with Chicken Stock and finished with a touch of fresh Cream and Parmesan Cheese. Served with Wilted Greens.

Make it Mushroom Risotto .… Add  3.9

Other Tasty additions………. Accordingly Priced


Asian Vegetables and Tofu                                13.9

Fresh Vegetables, Mushrooms and Tofu Stir Fried in a Ginger and Sesame infused Vegetable oil and a touch of Hoi Sin Sauce.


With Shrimp ……………..….. Add    6.5

With Chicken Breast …….….. Add   4.9

With Seared Duck Breast……. Add 15.9




Fish of the Moment                                 Server Spoken


Your server will be pleased to tell you about today’s fresh fish selection(s), pricing, Accompaniments and preparation method.


Balsamic glazed Snapper                                     18.9


Local Snapper sautéed with julienne Carrot, Onion and chopped Tomato, deglazed with a balsamic reduction and finished with Stock. Accompanied by Wilted greens and Wild Rice Pilaf.


Grilled Grouper                                                    24.5


Grilled Gulf Grouper topped with a Mango Chutney and Tarragon Buerre Blanc. Plated with Roasted Potatoes and Today’s Veggie.


Marina’s Crab Cakes *                                        23.9


Twin Cakes of Lump Crab and sweated Shallot washed in   Egg, and then dusted with Panko Crumbs. Sautéed slow     until golden. Served for your pleasure with our daily    Vegetable selection and Creamed Red Potatoes.


Chicken Marsala *                                               14.5


The traditional preparation of escalloped Chicken Breast, fresh Garlic, a trio of wild Mushrooms finished with Sweet Marsala Wine and Stock. Served with Gnocchi and fresh Vegetables.


Chicken Adobo                                                   15.9


A half Chicken coated with a roasted Poblano and spice rub – slow roasted atop Carrots, Onions, Garlic and Ginger in a Stock, Tamari and Cider Vinegar Sauce. Accompanied by Roasted Potatoes and the Vegetable selection of the day.


Roasted Quail (30 minute cook time minimum)            23.9


A pair of piquant game birds stuffed with Spinach, Figs and Goat Cheese wrapped in Applewood smoked Bacon and oven roasted. Presented atop Risotto and surrounded by the Day’s Veggie.


Duck Breast                                                        21.9


Breast of Duck pan seared crispy to a medium temperature, Sliced and served with an Orange liquor infused Demi-glace. Accompanied by Wild Rice Pilaf and the Vegetable of the Day.


Pork Rib Chop                                                    17.9


Tender grilled Sage and Garlic marinated Pork Rib Chop. Complimented with Creamed Red Potatoes and Today’s Vegetable.


Lamb Shank                                                        18.7


Dijon Mustard coated Shank of Lamb braised with a touch of fresh Rosemary on a cushion of Onions, Red Wine and Stock. Served Au Jus on a bed of Wild Rice Pilaf with wilted Greens.


Delmonico                                                            23.9


Highly marbled choice Beef from the eye of the Rib, seasoned and grilled to your choice of temperature.

Complimented with Gratin au Pommes Dauphinois and Today’s Vegetables.


With crumbled Bleu Cheese ……… Add    3.9


Steak Diane                                                           26.9


Twin Tornedos of Beef Tenderloin – rubbed with garlic and Black Pepper – sautéed with Shallots, Brandy, Dijon, Worcestershire, Cream and Demi-glace. Wild Rice Pilaf and Vegetables finish this “Classic” dish.


Chateaubriand for Two  (30 minute cook time minimum)        49.9


Marinated Beef Tenderloin (16 oz.) Charbroiled to your choice of temperature and topped with Shallots flamed in cognac and finished with Demi-glace.

Complimented with Chef selected Accompaniments.


As a courtesy, Please Note * – An 18 % gratuity is normally added to parties of six or more for dining, buffets and catering.




 - There is risk associated with consuming raw Oysters -

If you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach or blood or have immune disorders, you are at greater risk of serious illness from raw oysters, and should eat oysters fully cooked.


Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

 * – Dish Contains Wheat Gluten (unless Pasta, usually the Bread component). Some items can be prepared without wheat but will have a slightly different texture and/or flavor as a result. Some cannot be, due to the preparation method.

Ask your server for assistance in avoiding this allergen.